What is rape?

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law says:

Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person’s consent. 1

Vergewaltigung ist nach „Duden Recht“ die Nötigung zum Beischlaf oder zu ähnlichen sexuellen Handlungen, die das Opfer  besonders erniedrigen, wobei diese mit Gewalt, durch Drohung mit gegenwärtiger Gefahr für Leib oder Leben oder unter Ausnutzung einer Lage, in der das Opfer dem Täter schutzlos ausgeliefert ist, erfolgen kann. 2

Silovanje je spolni odnos s drugom osobom ili s njim izjednačena spolna radnja, uporabom sile ili prijetnje da će se izravno napasti njezin život ili tijelo, ili život ili tijelo njoj bliske osobe. 3



the victim says 4:

Rape is being held down, pinned down, immobilized by the weight of another body on top of you. (…) It is so close, it is stifling, smothering and suffocating. It is having to breathe the same air as the rapist. It is his skin on yours, rubbing against yours, leaving traces of it behind. He is leaving behind bits and pieces of himself and his act on you, and in you. It is all over you. The debris of violence is all over you. It is sweat, it is tears, is blood and it is semen. And it, too, is on you and in you. It is the grabbing of your arms and your hands, and holding them down. It is the bruising of your flesh, the biting of your flesh – be it with his teeth, with his penis, his hands, or whatever other object was handy.

It is fear, so concentrated that it is almost unrecognizable. It is the fear of death. You are going to die; you are going to be killed. (…)

It is a detached state of consciousness. (…)

And it is penetration – of the mouth, of the vagina, of the anus, of the mind, and of the soul. It is penetration with a penis, or several penises. It is penetration with a hand, or several hands. It is penetration with an object, or several objects. (…) It is bleeding and soreness, and a burning, searing pain. It is the bruising of the cervix as it is beaten, rammed into, over and over again.

It is the debris, the skin and the semen that is rubbed into you and all over you, again and again. It is spilled on you, dumped on you, and into you. It is the bacteria and the viruses that could be being mixed into you. It is the diseases, curable and incurable, that might be forced into you. Mixed into you, stirred into you – the semen into the blood, stirred by the force of a penis.

That is what rape is.