Center for Civil Courage is a feminist and freethinking organization, established on 25th November 2011 in Croatia. From its beginning, the Center has been promoting civil courage, awareness of the merit of evolutionary humanism and secularism, human rights, and freedom of conscience, belief, and opinion, and especially feminist ethics of responsibility and solidarity in protecting human rights, equality, and critical dealing with the past.



Years that passed since we first organized as a civil association were full of challenges. We met many of them head-on. We courageously and explicitly stood for what we advocate – a humanist worldview based on critical and free-thinking and on the feminist theory and activism primarily insisting on empowering everybody who is different and thus deprived of civil rights.

We spoke loudly when many were silent. We offered support to people whom others decided to turn their back to. We vociferously expressed our discontent with violations of human rights.

Through our actions, projects and activities we are striving to primarily create a better and more humane world. Compassion and solidarity shall remain foundations for our future actions.

Center is a full member of Humanists International


We cooperated with various other organizations on the following activities:

  • Within the scope of our Lilith Club and as a legal advisor, our president worked in 2012 on the legislation of a new bill for Assisted reproductive technology (ART) (the previous ART bill was passed under a heavy Catholic worldview and was discriminatory; the new Croatian legislation was passed in July 2012)
  • Co-organizing the Zagreb Pride 2012
  • The Center of Civil Courage submitted a request to the Constitutional Court to assess the constitutionality of the Croatian Parliament’s decision to call a referendum on the constitutional definition of marriage and also urged the court to suspend that decision. We demanded protection of the Constitution and consider that the Parliament has breached several constitutional provisions, pointing out that the Parliament had not consulted with the Constitutional Court before calling the referendum
  • Advocacy against the referendum
  • We were active members of the secular group “The Voice of Reason – Movement for a secular Croatia”, which organized January 2013 a Reason Rally in Croatia
  • Within the scope of our Sophie Scholl Legacy, we participated in the legal team and in the founding of The Women’s Court for the territory of former Yugoslavia. In early May 2015, we attended and participated in a session of the Women’s Court held in Sarajevo
  • In December 2014 and June 2016, we had our first and second Humanist Baby Naming
  • Co-organizing a gathering of solidarity with victims of the attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Zagreb
  • Organizing anti-war protests
  • 2016 we held the first Humanist Conference in Croatia
  • Our President participated in the Board of Directors of the European Humanist Federation from 2017 to 2020 and in various meetings, gatherings, and conferences of humanist organizations.
  • Organizing webinars “Brave Women
  • Launching the Women’s Abortion Network “Brave Sisters