The Imperative of Civil Courage

Our association is guided by civil courage, which was offered by prof. Dr. Esad Bajtal. Prof. Esad Bajtal, PhD, a philosopher, sociologist, psychologist from Sarajevo, is one of the most influential intellectuals in the region. He is known for his ruthless critical analysis of the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “In this context, the courage to use reason is shown to be the foundation of an individual’s ethical profiling; that is, the courage to use one’s …

Secularity without Compromise

Through our support center “Secularism without Compromise” we offer support and advice regarding preserving secularism and freedom of/from religion, especially in the educational system. In the sense of law, the term secularity means the institutional (and mental) procedure of separation of religious communities from the state, which is also stated in Art. 41 of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia. Secularity is two-way : It not only prevents the codification of religious dogmas of particular religious communities …

Sophie Scholl Legacy

Sophie Scholl Legacy was founded on March 20th, 2013. Through this Legacy, the Center promotes an invigoration of the culture of responsibility, a confrontation with the past, a culture of retribution for war crimes, and solidarity with the victims i.e. survivors of all aspects of violence. The legacy was named after Sophie Scholl, a German student who showed remarkable courage to speak out against the Third Reich during World War II. She is our heroine. The Center …

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